Temperature Control Valves

Temperature Control Valves

Temperature control valves and protection are critical to the success of your operation.

Sterlco® self-modulating temperature control valves are temperature actuated, self-powered, fully balanced, and applicable to heating or cooling processes using water, oil, steam or other fluids.

Sterlco® equipment serves applications from basic radiator systems with minimal control requirements to the most demanding operations.

Decades of reliable system performance draws customers to Sterlco® steam control equipment for commercial and industrial HVAC, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools, power utilities, refineries and petrochemical applications.

Hero-Sterlco-150-F-Valves-TC-Valve-150-1 Hero-Image-Sterlco-56T-Valves-Valves-Front-revised-2 Sterlco® D-150-G/R-150-G Series and Sterlco® 56-T Series

Sterlco® Temperature Control Valves are designed to help you maintain temperature, flow and pressure to maximize uptime.


D150-F/R150-F Series Self-Modulating Temperature Control Valves

Hero-Sterlco-150-F-Valves-TC-Valve-150-1 Simple yet efficient design requires minimum maintenance.

Heavy duty construction assures long valve life.  Valves are temperature actuated, self-powered and fully balanced.  Furthermore, they are applicable to heating (D150-F) or cooling (R150-F) processes using water, oil, steam or other fluids.


Hero-Image-Sterlco-56T-Valves-Valves-Front-revised-2 The Sterlco® 56-T Series Temperature Actuated Water Regulating Valve evenly regulates cooling water and other fluids in the most rugged applications.

It’s ideal for hydraulic power packaged equipment, hydraulic presses, or wherever reliable performance is required.

Sterlco® self-modulating cooling control valves are temperature actuated, self powered, and applicable to cooling processes using water or other fluids. 56-T Series valves are available in eight different sizes.

To ensure dependability, every valve is factory-tested three times in different temperature baths. For the temperature control you need, get the valve that can deliver.


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